4th July 2016


adolf loos research

An interesting chair, not only in its design, but in its origin.

Adolf Loos designed The Villa Müller in 1930 for Mr. František Müller and Mrs. Milada Müllerová in Prague, Czech Republic.

The building embodied Loos’ ideals on ‘Raumplan’ architecture – without the division of floors and rooms – only one continuous flow of functional spaces. The exterior of the building, plain un-ornamented facade, reveals nothing of the interior: a private space full of comforts and indulgent materials.

Marble, oriental rugs, velvet, and silk furnish the interior. It would only seem right, then, that this chair is upholstered in crepe silk – floral in tones of pink, blue, yellow and green. The cane is painted in green and black, twined with purple and yellow around the egg shape back and on the arms. The feet capped with steel.


Adolf Loos Villa Müller 1930 interior
rattan chair seen in Adolf Loos Villa Muller 1930

Expert on Adolf Loos, Dr. Eva Ottlinger, suggests that this chair may have been commissioned by Loos for craftsman in Pilsen (Czech Republic) to induce the styles of the Weimar and Coburg Rattan furniture of the time. Loos was known to have done this for the apartments he designed in Pilsen.

The chairs that now sit in the renovated interior of The Villa Müller have been remade according to old documentation, as none of the original rattan chairs survived… this chair could be one of them, especially considering that Loos would have commissioned them specifically for his interior. There is also an armless model in the area known as the Ladies Dressing Room, and there are photographs at the buildings completion of a couple of these chairs in situ.

It is understood that Loos also sourced furniture in the UK and exported them to Prague. It is possible that this was the case with this chair too.

The chair is in great condition. The upholstery could do with sprucing up, recovering or cleaning – depending on whether one sees it as being as important as the rest of the chair’s history.

Rattan chair - Adolf Loos - Villa Muller - back
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