Tubular steel bed PEL 1930s

Bed No. B4 (frame), Practical Equipment Limited (PEL), UK, 1939

Founded in 1931 by Oliver Percy Bernard, among others, PEL produced the first tubular steel furniture in the UK not long after the innovator of the material, Dutch architect Mart Stam, around 1926.

The head and foot board, chromium plated, are fixed with angle iron strechers. There is rust on the iron, as to be expected.


Mattresses and bed linens are not included but are all standard British sizes. “PEL” tag on each headboard.




Chromed tubular steel, angle iron


Scan taken from Bed. Model No. B4 in Furniture by PEL, Catalogue of PEL Ltd., London, 1939′ in Bentwood and Metal Furniture: 1850-1946, edited by Derek E. Ostergard, The American Foundation of Arts, 1987, p. 143


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  • Tubular steel bed by PEL 1939
  • Tubular steel bed by PEL 1939