Alvar Aalto stacking chair 611

Chair 611, Alvar Aalto, OY Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyötehdas, 1929

One of Aalto’s earliest designs in collaboration with Otto Korhonen, founder of the OY Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyötehdas factory. When Aalto received the commission to design his now-famous Paimio Sanitorium in 1929, so began the co-operation with Korhonen to produce the furniture for the acclaimed tuberculosis hospital.

Originally for use in the cafeteria, the chair went into commercial production in the early 1930s. Finmar imported the furniture to the UK where it was sold in quantities second-largest to Finland. This set of four (with Finmar tag present) have been painted several times by owners looking to refresh them. Now, flaked in areas, one can see the assortment of colours used in the past 80 years.


Structurally sound with cracked paint.



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Materials: Birch plywood, solid birch.

  • Alvar Aalto stacking chair 611
  • Alvar Aalto stacking chair 611
  • Alvar Aalto stacking chair 611