Han Pieck Bambi chair

Bambi chair, Han Pieck, Morris & Co., Scotland, 1948

In 1938 Neil Morris, son of the founder of Morris & Co Furniture, becomes one of the British innovators in using laminated wood for furniture design. This leads the company to aid with the war effort in producing laminated helicopter blades and furthering the technology in this field.


Having seen what the factory were capable of producing they were approached by Han Pieck, a Dutchman with some potential furniture designs. There was no one capable of producing a chair of a ‘single sheet of plywood’ in The Netherlands, and this was supposedly an expensive process. Pieck has clearly been influenced by Gerald Summers, a British designer who by this time was no longer producing furniture.

Only 200 Bambi chairs were ever produced.


This chair has been painted black at some point in its life, and hides what would probably have been a cherry/walnut veneer.



Birch plywood, veneer


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