Bedroom suite, by Heal and sons

Bedroom suite, Sir Ambrose Heal, Heal & Son’s, c.1917-1922

A three piece bedroom suite (wardrobe, dressing table and bedside table), designed attributed to Sir Ambrose Heal, from around 1917-1922.  Constructed in pine with hand-cut joinery.

In parts the black has been repainted, and the fine lines of blue and green that highlight the stepped wardrobe doors were overpainted too. We’ve done our best to uncover those, but some damage is still visible. One of the panels on the wardrobe door, is split. It is still fixed to the frame, however, and is very much functional as a door. The insides have once been painted in white also. A chrome rail and brass hooks sit on one side and shelves on the other. There are chips at the base of the wardrobe. It is possible to add a short skirting around the base to cover these.

The chest of drawers/ dressing table is in original order and shows sign of wear – bar the feet that may or may not have been replaced with casters. It would seem that the feet were once wooden spheres, painted blue, that also ornament the bedside table and the pillars that hold the octagonal mirror.

Signs of wear throughout, but this is a rare piece – decorative and functional.

Wardrobe: H 1730 x W 1070 x D 490 mm

Dressing table: H 855 (1500 with mirror) x W 910 x D 480 mm

Bedside table: H 795 x W 395 x D 370 mm

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H 1730 x W 1070 x D 490 mm


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