blue Gerrit Rietveld Beugel chair

Beugel Stoel, Gerrit Rietveld, DIY, 1930 (design)

Presumably built by a DIYer in the past 50 years, this is a truly unusual item to see in the flesh. Gerrit Rietveld designed this wooden version of the Beugel chair in 1930 having developed commercially produced models with a steel frame. Not many were made with the pine frame.

It would take a real enthusiast to go to the lengths of bending the plywood around a wooden frame like this – making forms and using numerous clamping techniques.

Painted blue, comfortable with a cushion (or no cushion) and relatively low to the ground it would make for a good side chair or a model in a photoshoot.

You can read more about the history of the chair on our Journal.


Pine, bent plywood


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