Paimio Hallway chair Alvar Aalto front view

Hallway Chair 51, Alvar Aalto, HKT Korhonen, Finland c.1932

One of a pair of interesting pre-commercial-production Hallway chairs from the Paimio Sanitorium. The low stretcher between the front and rear legs suggests that these chairs have come directly from the Sanitorium, completed in 1932.

On receiving the chairs this one had been scraped of most of its top layers of paint – revealing several colours underneath. A restorer has taken it down to the base coat, and what would have been the original colour.

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  • Paimio Hallway chair Alvar Aalto rear view
  • stripped down Paimio Hallway chair Alvar Aalto
  • stripped seat of Alvar aalto Hallway chair
  • Hallway chair 51 in the Paimio Sanitorium foyer